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About Us

What is the Penguin Pianos story?

Veit Kuhn, founder, grew up in the German town of Sonneberg/Thuringen. His father instilled in him a love of wood and true craftsmanship, values Veit has treasured and brought with him to Ireland and vested in Penguin Pianos. Kuhn has been a devoted piano technician since 1992. Having spent 12 years working as a piano tuner in Germany and throughout Europe, he and his wife, Rania, opened Penguin Pianos in Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare in 2004. Soon after, Penguin Pianos moved to Ennis. The business has since flourished, and the name Penguin Pianos has become synonymous in the West of Ireland with high-quality classical upright and grand pianos.

Our premises in Ennis feature both a cabinetry and a technical workshop. Here, our small, dedicated team carries out repairs and restorations to pianos and grand pianos using eco-friendly traditional and modern methods for clients nationwide.


... and where does the name "Penguin Pianos" come from?

Penguins and Pianos are popular the world over for their unusually "upright appearance" and natural curiosity. 
Their striking black-and-white colouring is often likened to that of a tuxedo - that eventually wouldn't look out of place in the audience of a concert hall! The black and white of a penguin's coat also bears more than a passing similarity to the ebony and ivories of your piano keyboard and the powerful alliterative qualities of the word 'penguin' paired with its monochromatic image make therefore Penguin Pianos the perfect moniker - impossible for either the eye or the ear to ignore!

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