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Deisiú, Athchóiriú nó Athshlánú Speisialaithe Pianó

Speciality Repairs

As everything mechanical will wear out over time, countless pianos are on the market with serious flaws like worn out aggraffes and extreme tuning pin slippage and so on, that can't provide a stable tuning pitch and quality tone. The genuine and individually thought out refurbishing process at our workshop and the qualified replacing of worn out parts, oxidized strings and the regulating and voicing etcetera of fine pianos is a cost effective way of turning a almost complete worn out but priceless piano into a musical instrument that could again produce excellent tone and touch.

However our starting point in repairing and restoring a piano is to preserve and where possible to improve the original qualities of each instrument in consultation with its owner.


Accidents happen!

What is worse than aquiring an instrument to only find out, that the place you bought if from will have to send it to a sub-contractor an epic journey away for repair and you are stuck with no instrument? Penguin Pianos on staff team is here to get your instrument with a professionally qualified approach repaired as soon as possible, because we complete service and even move ourselves everything that is within our abilities from a minor scratch to a rescued art-case piano. If you initially purchased from us a good piano and it ever needs a major repair, we’ll give you a loaner until yours is fixed, now that’s service!!

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