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Service & Guarantee


In general we apply the following warranties:

  • When purchasing a new piano there is a standard 7 years warranty, if the instrument is normally used and maintained to include the appropriate climatic conditions.
  • When a piano is repaired by us, there is a 3 years warranty on the repaired section, if the piano originally was supplied or came into your possession via referral by us. Extended warranties for more than 12 years can be offered on specific restoration projects.
  • When buying a 2nd hand piano from us, there is a full technical warranty for 3 years. Under the condition that the instrument is normally used and maintained to include the appropriate climatic conditions.

Courtesy Delivery and Tuning Service

  • As you buy from our workshop a piano, we provide its complete after sales service. Delivery and setup within the mainland of Ireland are at no extra charging fees if delivery will be in ground floor destinations.
  • Your first tuning appointment is free at any day except scheduled for a Sunday within three months after delivery.

Rent or Rent-to-buy

  • We rent pianos and grand pianos for long or short time, usually with the option of purchase.
  • The tuning services are charged separately.
  • The cost of transportation of the instrument are settled at the start of the lease, together with the first six months rent.
  • If, after a minimum of one year rent a decision was made to buy the instrument, the rent paid for one year plus the piano delivery cost will be deducted from the purchase price. If you buy from us after one year rent a different instrument that is even more to your liking, than you also get one year rent paid deducted from the purchase price but only half of the piano transport costs back.

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