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Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning 

Wherever you live in Ireland, we aim to provide a reliable tuning service to keep your instrument in good condition. If your piano requires a little more attention, we can go through in detail to discuss many possibilities for repairs and improvements.

If you live in a county other than Clare, and you would like us to service your piano, we will schedule an appointment for you on our next service tour of your area. 
We at Penguin Pianos want to ensure that our pianos provide you with years of joy and pleasure. If you have any questions or concerns about your instrument, feel free to call us at any time.

Whatever your piano's tuning issues, Penguin Pianos has the tools and the expertise to bring harmony back into your life!


Piano Voicing

Every piano has its own voice - its own sound and its own expression. It is the piano's personality. However, over time with repetetive playing the felt of the hammers very gradually becomes harder in various sections and the tonal quality deteriorates to a greater extent, perhaps making some notes sound a little to harsh and others dull and lifeless, as if there is no more a nice harmonic chromatic scale. Whatever you feel the problem is, Penguin Pianos can discuss with you various options regards voicing so that your piano can be played again at its optimum. To keep your piano sounding its best, we recommend that you have it professionally serviced every year, especially if it is of high value to you and even it is not played that much.

Piano Action Regulation

The action of a piano (that is, the inner playing mechanism), is very complex and sensitive. You need to maintain it well so that a piano continues to work the way it was designed to work as a musical instrument and that it sounds the way it was meant to sound.

There are so many parts of a piano that can be affected adversely by many kinds of change, including the wrong course in maintenance/repair. And changes in your piano, however gradual, almost always result in changes in your performance and practise efficiency. In order to compensate for wear and tear, your piano needs occasional a fine re-adjustment to its mechanism. Once you arrange to have this maintenance carried out by an good experienced technician, you protect your piano from unnecessary hardship and damage. In turn, each key functions smoothly and evenly - no sticky keys, squeaks or jarring buzzes. You may even notice a marked improvement in your performance. Your piano will thank you for calling Penguin Pianos!

Artist-Centred Piano Maintenance

High-quality tone and action regulation can only be carried out by a specialist in the field. This kind of expertise is hard won and involves a love of the art and many years of experience. It's not simply a qualification. Talk to one of our team when you feel that your piano is missing a more ideal feel, repetition and touch weight or that extra lyric sweetness. You know how your piano should sound - and you know how you play it. 
With bespoke service and careful preparation, we can work out eventually to make your piano more sensitive and more responsive so that your interpretation of music benefit from. 

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