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... woodworm, substandard repairs, toxic molds, dry rot, rusty strings, loose tuning pins and so on?

You may have a piano at home and want to consider your options. Maybe you have suddenly become a piano owner through no effort of your own. Or, perhaps you are interested in purchasing a piano, but you would like a second opinion.

Your interest may be even more specific. If you are thinking of buying or selling a piano online or in print, we can inspect the piano and provide you with valuable, detailed views of its condition and that of its mechanical parts. This service is available to both individuals and auction houses. It is especially useful if you need to travel some distance to complete the sale or purchase of the piano.

With the advanced technology commonly available now, we can preview and inspect pianos in remote rural areas over the internet and provide web cam evaluations that help to answer sometimes already most frequently asked questions. This means that you can show us your problem, or we can show you the internal workings of the piano in question. It also means that you avoid unnecessary trips, expenses and bitter disappointment before moving a piano in a problematic condition into your house. We can take photos remotely and send them to you in a format you are happy with - there are endless possibilities.

For piano dealers, we can provide a warranty validation service for the pianos they sell to their customers. Clients also use our appraisal and evaluation service to complete insurance documentation or disaster recovery plans.

Whatever your situation, contact us - we can help you out. Our piano evaluation and appraisal service is direct and to the point. Simply get in touch with us and we will inspect the piano in question. We can provide you with either an oral or a written evaluation or appraisal, depending on your needs. Please contact us to find out more about this valuable service.

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