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Gary Pons ~ PlexArt

Three chords and the magic starts. The power of deep bass, warmthand richness of the midrange, clear treble and performance will undoubtedly satisfy the most demanding musicians ... not to mention lovers of awesome beautiful objects.

Pre-orders now taken for all Gary Pons Models! Built individually on demand.

The Plexart® pianos from Gary Pons' new collection are designed to lift you up into a world of excellence. Their exceptional tone is what makes these pianos so fascinating, at the height of prestigious French manufacturing combined with an haute couture design. Each Gary Pons piano is unique, handmade by master craftsmen who employ ancestral skills. Their passion transforms their labour into art.  On a continuous pursuit for perfection, they work with the finest materials, falling into the pure tradition of luxury "à la française".

In 2010, the Gary Pons brand joined the Luxuria selection in Monaco that brings together top creators from all five continents. Gary Pons pianos are unforgettable instruments.

The exclusive Plexart® series is composed of 6 grand and 3 upright pianos, each one numbered and signed by their creator.

Gary Pons pianos are recognised world-wide and offer the privilege of owning that extra dash of soul that makes all the difference and we are proud to present you this outstanding addition ...



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