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Terms & Conditions

Business Hours: Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 6 pm.

On site service and viewing of pianos in our showroom is by appointment and can be arranged at any time that is convenient for you.

Hiring Pianos
Most grand and upright pianos are available for hire. We only hire pianos to a specific area, that is within Republic of Ireland only, unless other prior arrangements have been made with us.
Grand pianos are available for hire on short term periods only.

At present we charge the costs to cover the transport of the hire piano to your location at the commencement of the hire period and for the collection and transport of the piano to our place of business when the hire is terminated.  The first month's fee, service, and tuning are also included in this initial payment. 

Prices quoted are on a cash basis unless other prior arrangements have been made with us. The administration fee for following up a delayed payment is €40. The interest rate for an outstanding balance is 0.0986 cent per day from the day of service/delivery of goods.

Piano Transport 
Please note that we guarantee a reliable and safe transport for your piano, but if provided with incomplete information or wrong details regards possible obstacles, unnecessary extra call out fee charges may apply and in this scenario a piano eventually cannot be moved on the appointed day depending on the accessibility of your location!



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