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Piano Moving

Your piano is probably a fine instrument and a source of great enjoyment to you. However, when it comes to moving it, you need to look at your piano in a different light. Heavy and robust though it may appear, it is a musical instrument and is also very fragile. Regardless of how far you are moving your piano, whether just to a neighbouring study room or a remote, distant island, the same principles apply.

Pianos are heavy and awkward. There is often an Olympic obstacle course around corners, through narrow passages, up and down windy stairs and across rough terrain in less than ideal conditions involved to reach their destinations. And all this must be done without scratches or broken legs, causing any harm to the piano, its surroundings - or its movers! 

Call in the professionals with the know-how and safe equipment to handle your piano with the respect it deserves. 
We guarantee you that calling Penguin Pianos to move your piano will cost you less than repairing the damage you may otherwise inflict on yourself, your helping hands or your valuable instrument. 

You're welcome to get the help you'd probably need. We will gladly quote you for a safer specialist transport, near or far. 


Safely with pianoplan, experience and care over a difficult stair in Dublin


Loriot and Evelyn, if you're watching from above ...

We thank you for

"The piano from Bertha of Panislovski"

In memoriam of Vicco von Bülow -
German Comedian, Humorist, Cartoonist, Film-Director, Actor, Writer 
(*1923 - †2011)

Evelyn Hamann, Actres 
(*1942 – †2007)

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