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Piano Notes

As of today many owners of pianos and lovers of classical music amongst them Irish piano dealers and piano tuners in other places and parts of the country, had entrusted their fine musical instruments to the workshop of Penguin Pianos for repairs, service or overhaul. So will we continue and stand always ready to assist as partners for a clientèle of private and institutional music friends as best as we can.

Rania and Veit ♫ 


A child playing the piano.

"Two little birdies taught me"

Oil on Canvas by Rania Kuhn (RORO), 2009
Original 60x80 cm


Tips and advice for parents

Take the music of your children seriously. Never speak disparagingly about their piano playing, even if the sounds they make are sometimes excruciating! (At this point having a decent piano in tune and not opting for the most dilapidated and worthless specimen with a bad smell and rusty strings from "the must-go sale" or auction room can make a big difference). Children can be highly sensitive and may be deeply hurt if their playing is derogatorily called "jingling", "banging", "thumping" or “tickling the ivories”. Let us always remember, that "the ivories" [so to speak] are substantially limited without "the ebonies" that are equally important to make wonderful music together. It can be very annoying and frustrating for you and your children if all the 'ebonies' and 'ivories' do not anymore sound properly or if some of the notes are stiff or sticky or worst still, if there is no sound at all when played.

Encourage your children to play the piano, even if they do not feel like it. Support them when they encounter difficulties and want to give up. Try to impress on them that it is worth persevering and overcoming resistance. However it is equally important not to exert pressure. Avoid questions like: "Have you been practising today?" It is better to ask "Will you spend a little time playing the piano today?" Terms like "practise" may have a negative connotation - they sound that there is substantial toil, sweat and tears and hardship involved. Certainly they will need to "practise"some sections of a piece separately, so they can play them more effectively, but there can be negative psychological effects if the word 'practise' is always associated with piano playing.

Take time to listen to your children. Encourage them to play what they are learning for you, but do not force them to do so. Be generous with praise, but because children have a keen sense of what rings true, let your praise be realistic and honest. Children know exactly where their weaknesses lie. Be cautious with evaluation judgments of the way they perform and above all avoid comparisons with friends or siblings.

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